About the Barn

Located on historic Charles Street in La Plata, Maryland, Zekiah Ridge Farm, as it is affectionately known, has been in the Thomas family for over half a century. Operated as a tobacco farm, the Thomases grew the iconic Southern Maryland crop for years on their 120-acre parcel. The tobacco was “cured” in large, high walled barns designed to allow air to flow through them. The tobacco grown at Zekiah Ridge Farm was cured in barns built in the 1930’s using the same designs perfected by early Southern Maryland tobacco farmers in the seventeenth century. Tobacco in Southern Maryland is still grown and harvested today, largely using the same methods those Colonial Era farmers used. This crop, and the industry surrounding it, shaped the Southern Maryland economy and created a unique culture not found anywhere else.

Today, Zekiah Ridge Farm produces other crops, from corn and soy, to wheat and sorghum. The tobacco barns are now used for other purposes, including a beautiful and unique location for your next event. Bliss in the Barn Events proudly invites you to consider us for all of your event venue needs. Whether it is a wedding, family reunion, corporate retreat, or any other gathering, make it remarkable by becoming a part of our history and experiencing the way of life that made Southern Maryland.